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Hello and welcome to free teen chat rooms where you can meet teenagers from all over the globe all chatting about any topic from homework to daily life. This is a free teenage chat page no downloads required and you will not need to add any sensitive information to start chatting here at Chatinum, You may register your account and create a profile for free on the Chatinum website but this is totally optional for you. If you decide to register on the website you wil have the advantage of adding friends, playing multiplayer games and photo, video uploading. Registration on the website is free and will not cost you a penny friends and family are welcome.


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We are your number one source for teenage chat rooms our teen chat talks are specifically ages 16+ and are managed by our operators 24 hours a day, You may also use the other chats such as lobby to get to know more people from the site, Teenagers from all over the world come to talk on Chatinum and meet hundreds of people everyday across the globe. Getting into chat right away is easy and does not require an email address. Just simply click chat and type your desired user name press the button and that is all you haver to do. This is a safe and friendly room and is dedicated to teenagers only and is moderated fully by chanops.


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Inviting you friends to join Chatinum is easy just give them the link www.chatinum.com it is always sometimes that little bit better to join a new chat site with a friend so you dont feel singled out but rest assured the people that use the Chatinum network are always very kind and always wanting to get to know someone new. As stated before the lobby area is the most active so if you feel the teen chats are not for you then you may simply go to the lobby where a mixed variety of people of all age groups go to meet on there first time here. If you have any questions or problems while using Chatinum simply join the help room where someone will be happy to assist you or simply use the contact form above for more information.

The most important addition to any chat room is the ability to talk not only through text messages but also through visual too for example through webcam and voice. With the latest Chatinum update members are now able to enjoy a free video and voice calling feature with their chats


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