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Chatinum is a free chat rooms service that allows you to make new friends online with no registration required. People use online chat rooms to discuss all kinds of topics that arise everyday. Here at chatinum we provide a full free chat room service with messenger and inbox included. Browse profiles, add friends from around the world and meet interesting people from all walks of life join the conversation.






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We believe that free online chat rooms bring people together and help people make more friends online. Our free chat rooms are designed with you in mind, Featuring Messengers, Profiles and Avatars which is all free of charge. All you need to register is a valid email address to verify your account. You cn be registered and chatting in around two minutes of your time. Chatinum provides everything you need to get chatting online. If you think our wonderful chat website suits you then please do tell all your friends about our popular network.

Most people that call to use Chatinum click with other members straight away, Finding a chat partner that is into the same things as you can be quite tricky. You may use the advanced search function to seek out peoples interests and hobbies so you can be more specific as to who you contact online. On any given profile you will be presented with a photo and details of the person you wish to communicate with. The chat room profile does not have as much information as the website so profile so be sure to look at both.

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Please note: all guest accounts are purged within x amount of days, We do this to save names for people that want to register there username. If you wish to save your username you will need to create an account which will take around 1 minute of your time, Also a valid email address will be needed to very your account creation. Did not get a confirmation email? Simply speak to an admin where they can authenticate your account manually. As a guest you will have all the functions in the chat room as a registered member of the community would apart from displaying your age, gender and location these are reserved for registered users only.

Choosing the perfect room is very easy, All you need to do is click and bang your in the chat room. If you are entering the site as guest you will be required to pick a username to login in the chat page. Members do not need to create a username as these details will be passed on from the profile they created in the community. Registered members get access to every part of Chatinum but guests only get limited access mainly just to the chat function, The messenger, inbox, status are restricted access for members of the community. Registration really is worth thinking about if you plan on staying on the website. Nether the less either way the chat functionality always stays the same and is fully unrestricted for anyone on the website to use. Please read our privacy policy and terms of service before going through the chat room as well as the rules page. By entering moving forward from this page you agree to our terms and conditions.

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