Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Chatinum Chat Rooms

Q:) What is the age i must be to use Chatinum Chat?

A:) You must be over 16 years old to use this website, We feel this a reasonable age limit.

Q:) Is this service totally free, Do i pay for anything?

A:) There is no charge to use this service at all.

Q:) Do i have to register an account the use Chatinum chat rooms?

A:) Absolutly NOT, But by registering you are securing your username and you will have access to member features.

Q:) I think this site would benefit from a new feature i have in mind what shall i do?

A:) Simply use the contact form and explain your ideas, The team will be happy to take on board anything you have in mind.

Q:) Is there any rules here on Orion Chat Rooms?

A:) In small no, but we do not allow hackers or website abusers such as hackers, Or threats to the website (System).

Q:) May i bring friends, Family and collegues to your fine website.

A:) You may bring whoever you want provided they are over the age of 16 years old.

Q:) Can i have a job at Chatinum?

A:) We dont usually just accept anyone, But you can be considered, Please use our contact form.

Q:) May i make my very own room and be channel operator?

A:) Certainly we can do one better and do it all for you, Your friends can even be your room staff.
(please remember you are the owner of your room. What you do in there is at your own risk (within reason)
( illegal porn, Hacking, Warez, Torrents, slander ) Will be terminated and you are at risk of loosing your account )

 Now thats the boring stuff out the way, Come in chat say hello and meet some of the users.

   Have fun, 

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