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Hey, welcome to our new free guest chat rooms with no registration required. Get to know and meet interesting people online with the click of a button. You do not even need an account to use our guest chat room and the best part is you can still private message other users of the website without an account. Just want a quick chat? No problem! Just enter your guest user name, Click chat and your in. Simple as that. We aim to provide the best user experience possible here on Chatinum and value our chatters of the website.

Enjoy the freedom of not registering, signing up or downloading anything just pure guest chatting on a social media website. Registration is an optional method of using the website which supplies thousands of features to keep you busy. Sign up is totally free and you will not be charged to use our service ever. Meet people from all over the world, Get to know there interests and hobbies by viewing there profile information ( registration not required ).

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Thank you for choosing chatinum to make new friends online. We hope you enjoy your stay here and we wish you the best of luck finding your perfect guest chat partner. If you have any questions or comments please use the supplied contact form on each page of the website. Once again good luck and happy chatting on our network.

With most guest chat rooms there is only limited access and believe this is not good, So here Chatinum we give guests access to all features that are available in the guest chat as a registered member of the community would have. This include Inbox, Photo uploading, Name changing and other useful tools. There is also a complaints tab where you can easily report a member to a member of staff. People use use this room to get a feel for the website and see what actually goes on while people are conversating. We believe getting comfy in your surroundings is very important and being able to log in as guest makes it much more easier to become familiar with the guest chat room layout. If you decide to become a registered member then sign up take under one minute of your time and expends your features even further with tools such as messenger, inbox and status updates. As we said before the free guest chat is totally unrestricted for any user, Member or guest.

DO you like using Chatinum? We really hope you do and ask for a single favour in return and this is to please tell your friends and family about us, Get them to join in the community and spread the word about Chatinum. We relay on word of mouth to get what we are about spread round the world and you could help with just a few posts on other social networks. Free guest chat rooms will always be free and we will never change the unrestricted access in any part of the page. We work very hard to bring you the best chat that we can possibly build and all we require is people to use the service when they need something to do at home or on the move, Mobile, laptop or desktop. Thank you very much for reading this article and feel free to browse the rest of the website for more details of what we are about.