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Hello and Welcome to German chat rooms no registration, talk to people all over Germany in our special chat rooms would you like to learn the German Language or are you currently living in Germany? Well then Chatinum is the perfect place for you to chat with members and guest from all over the country, There is no registration or sign up required to get started it is as easy and clicking one button and your all set.

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There is a registration feature that allows you to sign up where you can benefit from thousands of features which include adding friends from around the world on Chatinum, Photo and video uploading plus status updates too, This is only three features mentioned on the website there are another ten thousand features to discover. If you enjoy your time on chatinum wny not ask your friends to join in all the fun and add them on chatinum website. Then you can both enter the website for double the amount of fun.

As with all users of Chatinum we want to keep you safe, We advise this by letting you know it is dangerous to give out your personal information in chat rooms, Information such as your user name and telephone number plus your real name, If you are join German chat it is recommended that you use a name that sounds nothing like your real name and you do not give out your email address in public, We just want you to be safe while online.

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