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Hello and welcome to free empath chat rooms no registration or sign up required to start chatting. This room is specifically for highley sensitive people to chat live about there feelings it makes a great meeting place for all empaths of any traits, There is no downloads or sign up required to start chatting with other empaths and everything on this website is totally free. Meet and join in conversations about how you are and how you are coping with your feelings and try to get the right answers you have been always looking for. the empath room may be a bit quiet at first but if you say hello to someone they will be sure to respond to your arrival in the room.

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Don't be worried of you feel you do not fit in or nobody answers you it is totally fine and it may just be a case of people are busy doing something else, Don't shy away from the empaths just take your time and and surely you will find a nice person to talk to in our free empath chat rooms, Get a coffee or tea and enjoy your time here. If you feeling a little bored have a look round there site there are many features that you can benefit from including uploading photos and adding videos or maybe browse profiles and add some friends to your new profile.

As with all chat rooms and websites we advice you to not give out too many personal details online we do go that extra in asking you to not reveal your real name but that is entirely your choice, the profiles and status updates are there to be used but must not contain profanity or this will result in a ban and removal.

The most important addition to any chat room is the ability to talk not only through text messages but also through visual too for example through webcam and voice. With the latest Chatinum update members are now able to enjoy a free video and voice calling feature with their chat room friends with included moderation. The moderation requires the users to either be in one and other's friend section or to have both their windows open. The options are implied just in case of random unwanted chat calls. The chat rooms calling features are just like those you use on messengers like skype or the calls on any android devices. With similarity in most popular available desktop applications, Chatinum calling features takes your chat room to a next level

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