complicated relationships

panicqueen16 created the topic: complicated relationships

Hey! umm this is weird and different but im just gonna go with it. I have a boyfriend and I am happy with him. He went on vacation about 10 days ago. And he has managed to make my life a literal hell while he has been gone. He starts these bs fights and ignores my texts. He won't even say 'I love you' back. He has been doubting me and my relationships with my friends. which kinda brings in the complicated part. My best friend...he is always there for me and he always has my back. I can literally go to him about anything and with my boyfriend being so rude and always making me feel like crap, I started liking him more than a friend. I feel like im going crazy and i just need help on what to do I guess. My friend said "If you like two people than go for the second option, because there wouldn't be a second option if you truly liked the first one." (oh and my boyfriend hates when i hangout with friends and tries to dictate who I hangout with.)


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