What Makes a Good Chat Site?


What Makes a Good Chat Site?

One of the most asked questions when someone wants to create a new chat site on the internet is what actually make a really good chat site? This articles has been created to answer some of the most common question regarding chat sites and what makes people want to come back on a regular basis. All of the points listed are what we use as our guideline here on OrionChat to give the best service possible to our regular members and visitors.


People don’t want to fill loads of forms in and verify emails ect. Visitors want to be able to pick a name and jump straight into the chat rooms. So here on OrionChat we have two ways to enter the chat side of things. When entering the site a visitor can navigate to the top of the page click chat rooms, enter a name and that’s it. There chatting instantly.

Enjoying the rest of the features:

For visitors that would like to be more involved on powchat they can register for an account and benefit not just from the chat rooms but all the other cool features that we have to offer. Registering allows you to do many things such as take part in the forum and upload your photo. Plus search profiles and add friends. This is optional and is not required.

Moderation is the key:

What sort of a place would a chat room be if it was not monitored by staff? An absolute shambles is what it would be. Swearing, Arguing, Racism. That is why some sites will never work. Because they do not have a dedicated team of staff to take care of everyone. Staff play a very important role in removing people people that are a threat to the community. In our eyes the staff are very important and we have them moderating our chat room 24 hours a day to make sure everyone stays safe when using pow chat rooms.


The more ways a user/visitor can interact with another person the better. Here on powchat we have plenty of ways you can keep in touch with people you meet such as standard group chat, private message chat, live chat using the built in chat bar, Posting on a friends wall and finally inbox. So there is always a way to connect with friends whether it’s using the chat room or the website.

Plenty of content:

Some people get bored of chatting so what does a person do? They go and look for something else to cure there boredom. We have created a good article section with plenty for people to read we have also created a games section because after a while chatting does get boring. The games we have are flash so they will work on any browser. The games are carefully selected from good sources so we know that our community will love them.

As you can see there is more to Chatinum than what you think, We look at our website as a tight knit community that looks after our visitors and always takes peoples thoughts and comments on board.

Thank you for reading our article. Enjoy your stay at Chatinum.