Chatting Tips For Men


Online chatting tips for men
It surely is amazing that even after years men just still can’t chat to women properly. Men most of the time log in to a chat room and say the same things. This very article will help you to be more interesting to females that you meet here on Chatinum Network.

Did you know that nearly every woman will be put off by the usual questions such as ASL or Where are you from? your probably wondering why. It’s because they are bored of hearing the same sentences every day. And let me tell you this guys she is more than likely very clued up about chat rooms as it is. She is even going to know what your going to say next. Which in most cases is “Are you home alone” or “What are you looking for” Which she is probably thinking why are they asking what am i looking for when i am in chat room “I am clearly looking for people to chat with!”

There is a much better way to approach a female in chat rooms and below we are going to go into details on the best way to grab a woman’s attention and show her that you are not just the usual john doe that she see’s in and out chat rooms every day.

Learning how to converse with females.

Females really like the fact that they can find men interesting. It makes them really happy and if you can make yourself as interesting as possible then you automatically have a huge advantage over every other man in the chat room. So first thing to know is never ask a woman for her email, facebook id or skype. It is a instant conversation killer. Wait until she feels comfortable and knows more about you a bit more before asking questions like that. or Your almost guaranteed the answer will be “Sorry don’t use it”.

All the other men that you see in chat rooms will be typing all sorts such as ASL, Cam anyone, Any women want to chat. Which will get them nowhere at all. But in your case you have the advantage of meaningful conversation under your belt. Say little things that will make her giggle and laugh. Once she feels comfortable talking to you she is going to think to herself wow this guy isn’t pushy and what a really nice person with her knowing this she is not very likely to cut you off.

Choosing the right way to ask questions.

When you ask a woman for details it is often much easier then you might image. Don’t go right into it and ask for her age and location. Wait until you get to know her a little more. Show her that your just not out to sleep with her. This is a really bad mistake which is also wrong on so many levels. Always put the person your chatting with first and and tell her basic details about yourself. This helps to build much needed trust between you and the person you are talking to.

Exchanging pictures is fine.

If you both decide that you want to swap images to see what you both look like, Don’t go searching your whole computer for half naked pictures. You need to remember that you grabbed a ladies attention because you are respectful and showing her naked pictures is going to throw her right off track. A nice photo of your face will be perfect.

What if she does not like what she see’s?

You have shown her that your respectful and kind caring person, You have shown her that she can trust and relate to you. Believe it or not females choose personality above most things. So looks don’t really count.

Final Notes:

Never demand things from people that do not wish to give it. Such as photo’s and personal information.

Have Fun On Chatinum.