What Are Safe Chat Rooms


What Are Safe Chat Rooms
Are you searching for a decent and safe chat room that you and your children will be safe using? Chat rooms are very popular on the internet for all age groups. Virtual chat rooms provide a place on the internet where people can interact live with other members of the group. Conversations can take place as text, video and speech.

If you find that safety is problem when visiting chat rooms for either your children or you then why not consider moderated/supervised sites? There are different levels of supervision depending on what kind of chat site your using. It is worth looking around the web to find reputable websites that are deemed safe to use such as pow chat rooms which is monitored 24hrs a day by trained staff.

Moderated chat rooms are rooms on the web that have a moderator that views all the information people are typing to each other and if they notice any bad language or disruptive text they will either remove the user from the group or ban the person from the chat room. Moderators have the authority to ban, kick and warn users of the chat group.

Benefits of chatting online.

Meet new friends from around the world.
Find people with similar interests.
Increase your circle of friends.
Learn new information from users of the group.
Take part in group conversations.
Instant messages instead of waiting for emails.

Disadvantages of chat rooms.

Not everyone on the site may follow the rules.
People may ignore warnings and use profantiy.
Users may post a link to a virus or explicit image.
Become pressured into meeting someone offline.

Chat rooms that are safe for teenagers.


Every parent will always be concerned about there children and the use of chat rooms, If you have not done already then it would be wise to sit your child down and go through the disadvantages before allowing your child to participate in online chat rooms.
Here are just a few tips to keep your child safe while chatting.

Always keep an eye on what your child is doing online and show interest.
Always check that your child is visiting websites that you have approved.
Learn the chat lingo so you know what is being said in chat rooms
Explain to your children that they do not have to respond to every message.
Never allow your child to meet someone from the internet.
Always use chat rooms that are moderated.
Teach your children to never give out personal information.

If you are using Chatinum you can rest assure that our moderators are always online reading posts, screening images and taking good care of people in our chat rooms, We can not screen who you add as friend but we can moderate every other aspect of Chatinum. If you have any more concerns you can email or send us a message..

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