Questions for New Users


Common questions for new users
Using the internet to access information can be fun, Using the web gives you so much valuable information and the opportunity to chat live with visitors from around the world or your local location. It is so easy to get started using pow chat rooms and we have created this page to give you a little guidance. The internet is a very good tool which is full of information but sometimes it can make you feel a little stressed as a new user whether your using powchat or another service.

Please understand that this small guide is the very basics you will need to understand chat rooms and is aimed at new users. If you are already a member or know what you are doing you may use this guide as a reference. This article was compiled by that admin and is for informational purposes only.

What are chat rooms?

Chat rooms are a location on the internet where visitors exchange information such as thoughts and ideas.
What would i need to access chat rooms i find on the internet?

You will need the following

Stable internet connection.
optional webcam and microphone.

Will i need to download any software?

most chat software on the internet use java run time or adobe. If the chat room your using prompts you to install one then go ahead and install the needed software. adobe and java is trusted software.

Is a webcam really needed to use chat rooms?

In short the answer is no. But if your feeling confident enough to show yourself on cam then either buy one or install your current web camera.

What is the actual difference from been in chat room to real life?


You can be whoever you choose to be in a chat room and no one will be any wiser.

What sort of people use live chat rooms?

There are billions of visitors using chat sites every day they range from teens to firemen, Anyone and everyone uses chat rooms so there is no real answer to this question.

Are there age restriction on chat sites?

Chatinum allows anyone over the age of 18 years to create a profile and use the chat rooms, Every chat site varies.

Who created the first chat room?

Doug brown created the first room in 1974 he named it talkomatic.

Who is andrey Ternovskiy?

andrey Ternovskiy created chat roulette which has proved to be one of the best ways of chatting on the internet, Chat roulette selects random visitors that’s can interact using there webcam.

We hope this article covers some common questions that you may have about powchat and other related websites. If you find that we have not covered a topic you can email or use our contact form and we will be happy to add your comments or suggestions.

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