Fake People In Chat Rooms


Persistant fakes in chat rooms
Chat sites can be a safe environment but often attract people with other intentions. Teens may pose as adults to get into the adult chat rooms, Adults may pose as teenagers to get into the teenager chat rooms. Above all that you may have people using images they pulled of the internet to use as there profile picture. However it always recommended to have your wits about you when using any chat room found on the internet.

Security while using any chat room is always going to be a concern no matter what. There are many ways you may be able to identify fake people that use chat rooms and other types of communities. Please note that we work very hard on powchat to ensure that there are no visitors using fake profiles.

1. Be careful when engaging people with private profiles.

Absolutely anyone can create a profile on a website. You should always be cautious of visitors that create a private profile. If you are talking to someone with a private profile and you do not share any friends or you can not see any of the persons interests. Basically if you can’t see any more than there photo and other small details. Then it is best just to chat with the person in a chat room but do not go beyond this such as adding them to your friends list or sharing any of your information. Pow chat has a blocking system so you can use this feature on the website.

2. Find out if you are being followed.

All chat rooms attract every kind of person you can think of. For example teen chat is only meant for teenagers. Keep your eyes open for anyone that suddenly pops up once you have started a discussion. It may seem silly but you must watch out for persistent people that may follow you around the chat rooms. If there is any of this kind of behavior going on always report it to a member of staff.

3. Is the suspected person only chatting to certain visitors?

If the visitor is only chatting with young girls that may be pop group fans, Try to ask the person who is there favorite person of the pop group. This is because some people can attract the fakes. If they can’t give you a straight answer then it is clear that they are not actually a real fan of the band. Which then will raise the suspicion. Watch how they interact with other people are they persistent on private messaging everyone? Are they just there to promote there brand? These are some questions that you may ask yourself while trying to work out who is real in a chat room and who is actually fake.

4. Tell tale signs.

From first hand experience i can clock a fake more or less straight away, Fakes seem create an account upload a picture and put something really grabbing as there profile bio and they will most of the time put there email address in there as well. This is usually so people will send then an email. Then the fake person will collect the email addresses and sell them to companies around the world. This is one of the reasons people get spam mail from unidentified sources.

When using the same chat room for a long time you will start to reveal some very interesting people. Which will not only reveal the nicest people in the world but the fakes as well.

Remember that people in chat rooms can be whoever they want and most people are never who they actually seem. So when chatting with visitors keep your person information secret and never share it with anyone else you meet.