Chat Room Etiquette


Is this your first time using a chat room? Below you will find key information on chat room etiquette which can used as a guide to help you while using our service. The etiquette on this page are generalized and can or should be used on most chat sites that you find on the internet and not just powchat. Thank you for reading our article.

1. Respect: If you find that someone is being vulgar towards you then use the ignore button instead of responding. If you find that other members are not complying with the rules then you can report to a member of staff that is on duty. Remember that you should always respect other users on any website that you use.

2. When you first enter a chat room read what is going on so you can get a feel of what the conversations are about. If you decide that the topic of conversation is not suitable for you then simply leave and try another room.

3. When deciding which user name to use always avoid words with profanity or names that may cause offense to other members of the chat room. Always use common sense when selecting a user name.

4 Always remember that you are never fully anonymous in a chat room, Server admins usually always keep logs of who visited the website and what ip they are using. Some sites record private messages which can be used to report to there ISP when someone is breaking the rules of the website. ISP stands for internet service provider.

5. When chatting to someone always address them by there user name, When using a chat room other members of the group can not see you. When addressing someone by there chat name they will understand that you are directing conversation towards them.

6. Never use capital letters, In the world of chat rooms capital letters are classed as shouting and it is looked upon as been disruptive. So please never use capital letters in a chat room unless absolutely necessary.

7. Never under any circumstances give out details such as your home address or full name, This is sensitive information and should be kept to yourself for your own security and safety.

8. When you are chatting you may come across people that are disruptive and abusive, Do not rise to the occasion. Simply either put the person on ignore or report them to the moderator of the chat room. Responding to people that are being disruptive will only make things worse.

9. Always respect existing and new members of the chat room, Remember when you were new and you didn’t know who anyone was? It’s always nice to make new people feel as welcome as possible.

10. Last but not least, never take whats being said too seriously and try to enjoy your time as much as possible meeting friends from all corners of the world.

Thank you for reading our Chatinum Chat Article.