Cyberbullying Guide


Information on cyberbullying
Cyber bullies use the internet to harass other people using electronic data. In more common cases seen in the younger generation. bullies use the internet to manipulate and intimidate other users that are online. There are many ways a cyber bully will take advantage of other people. They will use services found online such as chat rooms, social networks and other website where large groups of people interact.

Cyber bullying can also take place using mobile phones. Where a bully will send abusive and threatening text messages to a victims phone. Bullies mostly target people that they already know but making threats and intimidating strangers is not uncommon. Bullying is very common among the younger generation of the digital age but will also happen to adults as well.


Cyber bullying makes people feel intimidated and Worthless a bully will aim to destroy a persons reputation. users that are found to be bullying may face a prison sentence for there actions.

Internet Stalking:

If someone stalks you online it is classed the same as if someone is stalking you in real life. Cyber stalking laws were invented to prosecute online users that follow and harass other users online. To get a prosecution the victim needs to record all information that the stalker has sent to them such as emails, texts and chat room conversations. Please note that most chat services online also record all activity exchanged including private messages. So you can ask the website admin for the conversation logs.

Common tactics a cyber bully will use:

Bullies may pretend to be someone they are not.
Spread lies about a victim.
Post images of a victim without there consent.
Create a group to target a person.
Pretend to be the victim and create a profile in there name.
Make someone feel worthless.
Scare and threaten to get a response.

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