Why did we make Chatinum?

Starting out as an internet newbie i came across lots of chat sites on the internet and noticed quite a few problems when clicking different websites. They only had a basic chat room. This problem seemed to limit people by what they could actually do. All visitors were able to to is chat with each other and send private messages. While noticing these basic flaws i decided to take action and integrate chat rooms into a social network which would give people access to member photos, basic information about other members and a forum where they could discuss any topics using Chatinum.

We now have a fantastic team of people that moderate the site and the chat room side of things, So when people come to Chatinum they know they can enjoy there time here and avoid such things as spam, cam girls and other interruptions. Chatinum gets around 3 updates a week to keep the site looking fresh and sleek and we are always updating our security to make sure our website is in perfect working order.

The possibilities of using Chatinum are endless, We don’t just look at our site as a regular chat room but more of a friendly community where everyone can make friends with anyone. We invite both teens and adults to take part in our community and the only age restriction is that you must be over the age of 16 years old which we comply with COPPA regulations.

We created profiles so people can keep up to date with there friends activities, On the home page you will notice feeds which will tell you what everyone is doing and when they did it. This is a great feature and extends the use of chat rooms vastly. Scrolling down each persons activites you can add a commented response to what people are saying.

Get instant notifications when someone adds you, tags or writes on your wall. This feature allows you to get notified almost instantly when someone creates content on your profile. If you get a little bored of the chat rooms you can join our forum where you can post, reply and like topics. Each topic created will automatically show up on the home page so you always keep up to date when people are posting new content on Orion Chat Rooms.

So now you know why we decided to make Orion Chat, What do you think? Do you enjoy Chatinum rooms? We would love to hear your comments and suggestion which can be posted in our forum or sent directly to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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