ChatRules OrionChat

Not allowed: 

- permanent abuse/harassing/insulting/slandering/blackmailing/threatening of other chatters (unspecific swearing, not directed at someone is allowed, if its not permanently)

- racism is allowed, because we like the concept Freedom of Speech. Permanent racism against a chatter is not allowed

- sharing private informations, pictures and videos of another chatter without permission.

- chatters under 16, pedophiles and bullies which cause harm and refuse to stop are not welcome and have to be reported directly to an IRCop

- sharing/spamming material for pedophiles

- refuse to change inappropriate nick (we are not strict with inappropriate nicks. chatters can use ignore if they feel annoyed by a nickname. not allowed are: nicknames        which abuse/defame/disrespect/impersonate other chatters and nicknames which promote/show illegal activities

- permanent flooding/spamming (more than 10 lines are considered as flooding or also sharing less lines permanently again and again)
- any illegal activity