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Free chat rooms all over the world can be a lovely place to meet new friends across continents and and cities via chatinum basically the whole world at your finger tips plus much more. We have users from all over the planet that come to chatinum to meet with old friends and new users with hundreds of chats to choose from we believe that you probably wont need another chat site as we provide everything you need to chat all over the world in one place. There are so many new and interesting people joining everyday there is no way you cant possibly find the perfect chat partner. Remember there is no downloads or silly sign up pages against your will and it takes simply one click to enter our rooms.


United Kingdom chats consist of chatters from all over the uk just some of the regional chats we have here on chatinum are london, england, ireland, scotland and wales where you can connect and share your interests with like minded people male or female. This is ideal of you are looking for a long term relationship with a friend or you are wanting to find your perfect match from within the united kingdom chat rooms currently there are millions of relationships built every year online and the number of relations is growing,


We also cover the rest of the world such as australian chat and america, all of europe are included to, No matter how small or big your city is we have it covered and will continue to grow every single day. British and american chat rooms are more pupular with frequent users here on chatinum but other rooms are still occupied my chatters from across the globe. If you found chatinum useful be sure to ask your friends and family to call to the site we are certain they will enjoy what we have to offer. We don't just cover free chat rooms we support full profiles tha are absolute free from charges and you can alter your profile as you desire.


By using chatinum you will be able to connect to as many users in private or in the main chat rooms as much as you want, There are only basic rules that apply. While chatting you can discover new personalities and peoples interests too so all you have to do is click chat and type your desired username in the box and click connect. From there you will enter a world of free chat rooms for your entertainment. You never know you might even find that one true love while you are here on chatinum. As we have stated on our website you can ask for help at any time simply use our contact form or just ask a member of staff that is currently in the room you are using. All moderators are happy to help.