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    Let me introduce myself- I am Draco, an American Staffordshire Terrier, we are known because we are friendly, loving and very protective of those we love. I was in a bad situation when I first met Rosie. I was being kept in a crate day and night. My skin was breaking down and I was miserable. Then one day Rosie came into my life. I did not know at the time but she had adopted my sister and spent time looking for my other siblings. I was the only other one she found. I was 6 months old when she adopted me. I would not leave her side. She was my light helping me out of the dark. I slept at her side always. She would take me in the car and at first I thought she was taking me back to that old life. I finally realized I was safe with her and I became her friend and protector until she disappeared.

    I remember my mistress sitting down at her funny looking machine making her fingers jiggle around. She wasn’t very good at tickling her machines belly but she did her best. I nudged her arm wanting her attention and she absentmindedly stroked my head. I nudged her again and Rosie, looking down said,”ok lets go for a walk.” Grabbing my leash we set off down our road - its a road with funny gray stones on it. My mistress walked us a long way that day mumbling to herself. I didn’t understand what she was saying but I kept tugging on the leash and looking back towards home.
    Just as soon as we turned back, a big truck swept around the corner startling my mistress. She fell back into the bushes and I think she was saying really bad things. Her face was so red and angry looking. I ran to her licking her tears away ,whimpering because I was so frightened. She hugged me saying how much she loved me. I adored her in my special doggy way. We managed to get home without further incidences. Rosie fed me, patted my head, leaned down and kissed my nose whispering, “I love you so much Draco. Never forget it.” I don’t know how I knew those words but maybe its because she said them so much to me.

    A few days passed and Rosie called for me. I went racing downstairs to her. YES! She had the leash in her hand we were going for another walk. We left the house locking the door and headed to the car. It wasn’t a walk but the next best thing. I always rode in the passengers seat head hanging out the window. Rosie kept talking saying how we were going to visit her family. I loved going there. My favorite friend was there and he lived with my sister,Hermione. Jack was my Rosies grandson and had helped raise me.
    Then I heard the word stay and looking at her she was crying. I moved over next to her rubbing my head on her shoulder. Suddenly she swerved off the road- hugging me she told me she was going away for awhile. She said that I was to live with Jack and protect him. We sat there a while longer my head on her shoulder licking the tears off her face, her arms around me. My senses told me there was trouble for my Rosie. I am a dog and I loved her how could I protect her if I wasn’t with her??
    As she started walking to her car that truck from the other day came speeding out of nowhere. I started barking and pulling on her - trying to get her to safety. The truck hit our car. Rosie and I fled.
    We ran through trees and bushes, Rosie falling down so much. My leash catching on small lower bushes but then I got tangled and was able to pull myself out of my collar.Meanwhile Rosie had disappeared. I tried to get her scent - it was the only way to know where she was. I couldn’t find it . My nose to the the ground I ran looking searching my way back to our car, barking feverishly. Rosie was gone!! The truck was gone but our car was demolished.

    I sat waiting, howling as if Rosie could hear that and find her way to me. I was there when the police pulled up with Jack inside. He came running to me, hugging me tightly, Hermione with him. He was crying holding me tightly. I was trying to lick his face.
    The officer came over,”Sorry kid but there is now sign of your grandmother.”
    Jack started crying harder. He was only 15 and his mother had entrusted him to take care of his grandmother.
    “Son I need your mothers number. We are going to have to talk to her,”said the older cop. As Jack gave them the number, he started telling them how his grandmother had been in a chat room for several days talking to many people.
    “What was her nic, son?”, asked the first officer.
    Jack looked up and said,”Willingwoman70. I can take you to her home and show you how to access her computer.C’mon Draco and Hermione. She has to be there!”

    Climbing in the squad car, I was scared. Where was my Rosie? She took good care of me she loved me. As we headed home , my head next to Hermiones, I gave her a lick on her nose. She nudged me back and said,”it will be fine.” She lay her head on my back comforting me. We both loved Rosie so much. She had been the light in our lives. She had taken us in when our lives had been in danger. She had taught us how to take care of our humans. She showered us with so much joy and love.

    We arrived at my house and I jumped outrunning up the steps to the door.I stopped quickly! Something was wrong - the door was open, wide open, like someone had just walked in. The fur on my neck raised, there was an odor I didn’t recognize. Sniffing I started to step forward when Jack grabbed my collar.
    “Wait Draco wait let the police go first!” Jack, so pale and shaking, I could see he was terrified of what the police would find. I pressed up against his side with Hermione on the other, both of us muttering a low growl.
    The police drew they weapons and nodded at Jack to keep hold of us. I could feel myself wanting to fight to be free but Jack held tight. “No Draco, be still, We will find out soon enough!”

    I heard a car drive up and there was Jack’s mom rushing to him.”Jack what happened? Where is Mem? Why are the police here?” Jack broke out crying Hermione and I ran to his side circling him, barking to get his attention.
    “Jack why do you have Draco?”
    “Mom,” Jack shuddered as he tried to tell his mom, “Mem is missing!”
    “What how and when?” His mom yelled.
    “Ms. Smith?”, the older policeman asked,”please come with me”. He started toward the house when Jacks mom pulled
    at his arm,”Is she in there?”
    “No but I need to talk to you away from your son.”’ He looked at her with worry and concern in his eyes.

    Her eyes cast a look our way and then I knew. I broke loose from Jack and sped towards the house. I woofed and ran in not caring who was in my way. I stopped in my doggy tracks. Everything was ripped apart. Red stuff poured all over. I sniffed it and it made me sneeze. It wasn’t something I had smelled before. Putting my nose to the ground I ran thru the house. Upstairs down the basement all over looking for Rosie. She wasn’t there, no where . It was as if she didn’t exist. Where was she?

    I knew I could find her but I just needed to catch a scent. I ambled around the outside sniffing here and there. Nosing around under bushes, just wishing I could sense something. I wandered by the garage who it hit me, I knew that smell. It was very familiar to me and I remembered why THE TRUCK. It was the same smell given off by the truck. Putting my nose to the ground, I started trailing the smell down the driveway. I heard Jack call frantically to come back but I knew I couldn’t. I turned to look at him and then raced off.

    “Mom, Mom, I heard Jack call. Then I heard racing footsteps after me. I was on to something and couldn’t wait for them. I could feel Rosie crying out for me. Down the road I ran, looking back seeing Hermione following, knew we would locate her. My tongue hanging out, my body sweating I reached the four corners. Hermione caught up to me and we stood noses in the air testing the scents coming to us. I caught a whiff of something not are what. Putting my nose to the ground, I circled around looking from where it came. I found it whuffing to my sister, I showed her where we were going. It was a dead end but there was that truck that had demolished our car.
    Laying down on our bellies we waited for Jack and his mom to catch up. They were followed by the police who quietly watched and waited. Hermione and I crawled forward, smelling and waiting for any sound. We got closer closer just waiting to catch Rosies scent, then I heard a voice. I knew that voice and I knew it had come out of Rosies special machine she called a computer. It was a feminine voice one that Rosie had called her friend. It was an angry one now, hateful almost a growl coming out. “You are just an old bitch, how dare you come and take men away from me!I am the one they want not you!” It went on and on but I hadn’t heard Rosie yet. That frightened me. I heard a sound behind me and it was Jack. “Shhh,” he said,” the police are going to see what s going on.”
    Hand on my collar he and I went quietly behind with Hermione following us. Jacks mom with a hand on Hermione.
    There about 300 yards away lay Rosie. It didn’t look like she was breathing. There was a woman standing over her with a shovel, “I have your grave almost ready! I don’t care that you are still alive you’re going in it anyway.” Poking at my Rosie with her shovel. I gave one huge growl leapt forward causing Jack to ket go and I was on the attack. I pushed that woman down,down my teeth clamped. She fell backward in that grave she had dug, me tumbling in on top of her. She wasn’t moving so I laid there making sure. The police hadJack help me out and they climbed in and checked her out. She was breathing but unconscious.

    Jack and his mom went to be by Rosie, she was barely breathing. Her body battered and bruised, I laid my head so my tongue could gently lick her. She started groaning her hand reaching up to touch me, “Draco what are u doing here?” Slowly looking around she saw Jack and his
    mother. “What happened?”

    Just then the ambulance arrived.
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